Chevy Chase Falls Off Stage In Buffalo, NY


Chevy Chase, famously known for his role as Clark Griswold in the holiday classic ‘Christmas Vacation,’ encountered an unexpected tumble during a Q&A session at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. While the fall raised concerns, especially given Clark Griswold’s penchant for holiday disasters, reports suggest that Chevy is doing fine despite the casualty.

The incident occurred as Chevy greeted fans during a screening of the National Lampoon’s iconic Christmas movie. Rolled out onstage in a wheelchair for unclear reasons, Chase promptly stood up and walked toward the audience. However, things suddenly turned when he unintentionally stepped off the stage, momentarily disappearing from view.

The audience witnessed the unexpected fall, but with assistance from his wife, Jayni, and the event’s host, Chase managed to get back on his feet and return to his seat onstage. Adding a touch of humor to the situation, Chase’s smartwatch reportedly voiced concerns about his fall, capturing the entire room’s attention.

Despite the mishap, Chase continued the event, sporting an icepack on his knee. Sources close to the actor explained that he misjudged the edge of the stage, attributing the misstep to the stage lights obscuring his view. Fortunately, besides a bruised knee, Chase is reportedly healthy.

Fans in attendance shared that Chase maintained his sense of humor throughout the event, making light of the situation. Despite the fall, he stayed committed to engaging with the audience, posing for pictures, and answering questions.

This incident adds a real-life irony to Chevy Chase’s association with the holiday mishaps famously depicted in ‘Christmas Vacation.’ The film follows Clark Griswold’s attempts to create the perfect family Christmas, resulting in comedic disasters.

While Chase’s tumble off the stage may have momentarily alarmed fans, the actor’s resilience and ability to find humor in the situation echo his reputation for being a good sport. As the holiday season approaches, it’s a reminder that sometimes, life imitates art, even for the legendary Clark Griswold.