‘Dancing with the Stars’ Pro Cheryl Burke Has Been Diagnosed with a Breakthrough Case of Covid-19

Cheryl Burke via Instagram

Even if you have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19, you can still get Covid. When someone who is fully vaccinated gets Covid, it is called a breakthrough case, and even celebrities have become victims of breakthrough cases. For example, Melissa Joan Hart shared that she got Covid even though she was vaccinated. Now, Dancing with the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke has also contracted a breakthrough case of Covid-19.

Burke posted an emotional video on Instagram which she captioned, “Have some difficult news to share…” The video takes place entirely in her car, and at the beginning of the video she explains that she is on her way to take a Covid test because she hasn’t been feeling well.

It seems that Burke is suspicious that she might have Covid since she isn’t feeling 100%, but she obviously was hoping that wasn’t the case. She also shared that she was fully vaccinated for Covid with the Moderna vaccine.

Burke took the Covid test in the morning and waited hours for the results. Later that afternoon, she added to the video sharing the results of the test. Yes, she has Covid-19.

Burke said, “I just feel so bad.” She went on to explain that not only does she feel bad physically due to having Covid, but she also feels bad for her “Dancing with the Stars” partner this season, Peloton trainer Cody Rigsby. She explained, “I feel so bad for Cody. I feel like I’m letting him down.” She explained that she feels overwhelmed since, “It’s Sunday and the show’s tomorrow.” She added, “I just hope I didn’t spread it.”


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It appears that Rigsby did not catch Covid from Burke because he said in his Instagram stories earlier today that he will still be competing during tonight’s episode of DWTS even though Burke will be at home in quarantine. He said, “The competition of Dancing With the Stars must go on. I will be competing. How… is to be determined, so stay tuned.”

Meanwhile, Peloton is “sending love and healing vibes” to Burke while encouraging fans to vote for Rigsby tonight by texting CODY during the live show.


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Are you a fan of DWTS? Are you going to vote for Cody tonight? Does it surprise you that Burke got Covid even though she’s fully vaccinated?