Latest Puzzle Has Us Searching for the Cherry That Has No Worm In It

Gergely Dudas - Dudolf

Ever find a worm in your cherry? We hope not a real one—but you’re about to find a lot of fake ones, thanks to Gergely Dudás, also known as the Dudlof.

Dudás has created many fun and challenging hidden picture puzzles that we enjoy solving, and this new puzzle is no exception. In his latest, he’s created a multitude of red cherries with little, squiggly green worms sticking out of them.

Sure, it may not be the most appetizing of images, but still pretty darn cute. The worms, that is—he made them all have little faces, as if they’re all friends on one big worm-in-a-cherry neighborhood. There are worms with hats, worms laughing, worms talking, even worms madly in love with each other.

Dudley is asking his fans to find the one cherry that doesn’t have a worm in it. There are dozens of cherries, with dozens of worms sticking out of each—so it’s a pretty hard task.

Here’s the puzzle—see if you can find the cherry without the worm in it!

Did you spot it? If not, try scanning the image with your eyes, taking note of each and every cherry. It might take a few minutes, but you may eventually spot the one that doesn’t have the worm. Remember, there’s just one!

Once you master this one, try some of his other puzzles, including finding the lollipop in the ice cream, the heart among the elephants, or the marshmallow among the seals. They all come with the same level of difficulty: Hard, yet addicting!

Dudlof also creates other kinds of puzzles, including finding the differences between two photos. The photos may look exactly the same side by side, but there are just a few subtle differences sprinkled throughout. Here’s one of his most difficult puzzles!

Additionally, you can check out Dudlof’s very own blog, which he updates with new puzzles daily.  Good luck!

Tell us: How long did it take you to find the cherry without the worm in it? Are you a Dudlof fan? How many puzzles of his have you solved?