Cheap Root Touch Up Tip

Hey Ladies,

Instead of buying those fairly expensive, one-time-use root touch-up kits, I use Just For Men for beards and moustache coloring gel. If you just need to touch up your temples, where you get gray fastest, or even the root area on your head. It works great, plus you get about 4 or 5 uses out of one box, depending on how much you need.

This is a great way to save time and money- it only takes about 5 minutes to use. The colour range they offer is not so large, but you can get by with most colours, since they are all really natural looking.

I spend about $10.00 a box, for about 4 uses, as opposed to $8.00 or more for the one-time root touch up kits.
The just for men system is great, because the creams are in tubes, and come with a little mixing tray and special brush!

I’m surprised not more ladies have caught on to this. Who cares if it says Just For Men? I don’t! Save time and money.
Best of luck
Teresa V.
BC, Canada

Homepage photo credit: House of Sims