Another Celebrity Is Leaving The Country

Months after the trial ended between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Heard resurfaced in another country – Spain. In pictures snapped at a water park, Heard is seen enjoying time with her daughter, Oonagh Paige.

After the trial ended, Heard claimed she was considering stepping away from acting for awhile to focus on being a mom, and it seems that she held true to her word. The pictures of Heard with her daughter show her smiling, enjoying the day together, and not bothering to wear any makeup.

No word yet if the move to Spain was just a vacation or if she plans to call this country home, but relocating isn’t necessarily going to be easy for Heard if that is her desire.

In the case with Depp, she was ordered to pay him $10 million. Since then, she has sold her home in Yucca Valley, California, and she has filed for bankruptcy, but she would need to get everything straightened out before leaving the country permanently.


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Heard used to be fairly active on social media, but the last time she posted anything on Instagram was in December 2022, and it wasn’t a picture. Instead, it was a statement explaining that she has made a “decision to settle the defamation case brought against” her by Depp.

Heard was first seen in Spain in October 2022, and reportedly she is still there, living under a pseudonym. Her daughter is with her. A source told PEOPLE, “The trial was exhausting for her.” The source added, “She missed her little girl.” The source explained that Heard “loves” living in Europe because she “is able to just be a mom there.”

Instead of focusing on acting or anything related to Depp, she is focusing on her daughter. The source explained, “She is focused on raising her daughter.” Mother and daughter are together every single day. “They stroll around, visit parks and enjoy family time. Amber is a great mom.”

Do you think Heard will ever return to the United States? Do you think she will ever act again?