Celeb Pays for Everything and Says He Is Entitled To Cheat On His Wife

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When a man and woman decide to get married and vow to stay together no matter what until death, that usually means that they’re committing themselves to a monogamous relationship. Sometimes, if one spouse cheats on the other spouse, the couple may even decide to get divorced.

Then there’s the open marriage between UFC champion Sean O’Malley and his wife, Danya Gonzalez. Apparently, the open marriage is one sided, and O’Malley thinks he basically deserves to cheat on his wife.

In an interview with “RawTalk,” O’Malley explained that he believes he has every right to cheat on his wife without her complaining about it because of money and “status.” He said, “I’m a king, I pay for everything.” He added, “I treat Danya like a queen. If I get a little p—- on the side. What does that have to do with anything? I have testosterone running through my veins. It’s that f—ing simple.”

Many married women probably wouldn’t consider it being treated “like a queen” to have their husband cheat on them and not think it’s a problem, but how does Gonzalez feel about it? According to O’Malley, she’s “never fine with it.” 

Even though it seems that Gonzalez doesn’t like the fact that her husband cheats on her, it doesn’t seem that O’Malley cares or has any thought of stopping. Instead, he feels that he’s entitled to cheat because he’s not “an average Joe.” He explained, “If I wasn’t paying for everything, if I wasn’t, you know, successful in any sort of way, and I was just like maybe an average Joe, I probably wouldn’t. It probably wouldn’t be fair. But I’m f—ing King Kong baby. Andrew Tate explains it well, it’s status. You know I got status so I can.”


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Do you agree with O’Malley that “status” makes it okay for him to cheat on his wife? Do you think Gonzalez would leave him if he weren’t paying for everything?