Popular Catan Board Game Creator Dies At 70

One of the most popular board games out there is called Catan. The game started as a hobby for the creator, Klaus Teuber. He was working at a dental laboratory when he first got interested in creating board games. While Catan was not his first game, it was his most successful.

Unfortunately, Catan Studio announced that Teuber has died. In a statement posted to Facebook, Catan Studio shared, “It is with profound sadness that we at CATAN Studio acknowledge the passing of Klaus Teuber, legendary game designer and creator of the beloved board game CATAN. Our hearts go out to Klaus’ family during this incredibly difficult time.”

Catan Studio remembers Teuber as “as a kind and selfless human being, an inspirational leader, and most importantly, as a friend.” The company added, “His legacy will continue to inspire and shape the gaming community for years to come.”

Back in 2010, an Atlantic article stated that more than 25 million copies of Catan had been sold at that point. Since then, many more copies have been sold with sales skyrocketing 144% in 2020 during the pandemic lockdowns. In addition to playing the game as a board game, there is even a version of it that can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

Catan Studio encouraged fans of Catan to honor Teuber’s memory “by being kind to one another, pursuing your creative passions fearlessly, and enjoying a game with your loved ones.”

Many fans of Catan commented on Catan Studio’s post, sharing how Catan has impacted their lives. One person wrote, “Thank you for the countless hours of fun and friendships built over the gaming table.”

Another comment reads, “I will never forget the first time I played The Settler’s of Catan. I was so excited about how fun this new game was that when I got home from my friend’s at 2 in the morning, I woke my wife up to tell her about it (she was not happy). I still consider it the greatest board game ever devised.”

Teuber’s sons were very involved in helping him test his board games including Catan. Watch the video below to learn more about how Teuber came up with the idea for Catan.

Have you ever played Catan? Do you like to play board games with your family?