Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Be Eating More Cabbage

An unsung hero of the cruciferous vegetable family, cabbage is rarely referred to as a superfood, but it has its place. We enjoy it in coleslaw, as a salad ingredient, or stewed, roasted, or fermented.

It does not have to be the drab fare that Charlie and his family ate before he found his great fortune with Willy Wonka’s factory. Not only is it versatile when it comes to recipes, but it really is a tiny powerhouse.

All varieties of cabbage – green, savoy, red, bok choy, or whatever you prefer – are packed with nutrients that keep your system in good order. It helps with healing, managing disease, and preventing certain medical conditions. Read below to find out why you should eat more!

  1. High Sulfur Content

    Cabbage is rich in sulfur compounds, which help to reduce inflammation in the skin, gut, and other parts of the body. Sulfur-containing foods are also good for the immune system, allergies, and according to NIH, the mineral helps to detox medications out of the liver.

  2. Aids Digestion

    Research supports the fact that the juices in this vegetable heal stomach ulcers and ease digestion. Cabbage is also an effective guard against constipation with its fiber and liquid content. For a good dose of probiotics, eat it in a fermented form.

  3. Cancer Prevention

    Because of its antioxidant content and inflammatory properties, cabbage is recommended to protect cells and DNA from damage caused by cancer. The National Cancer Institute states that the compounds found in cabbage can deactivate carcinogens, fight infection, kill cells, and prevent tumor migration.

  4. High in Vitamins C, K, and Minerals

    Cooked cabbage has nearly 70% of the recommended daily value for vitamin K, which helps to clot the blood (be careful if you take warfarin). It is also extremely high in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and protects against free radicals. The nutritive value of cabbage wards off infection, aids in hormone regulation, assists with metabolism, and keeps your circulation flowing.

  5. Helps Reduce Cholesterol

    Cabbage helps to cut down LDL levels in the bloodstream and gut! This assists in protecting your cardiovascular system – including your heart. Steam it or eat the red variety to get the most benefit if you have elevated cholesterol in your body.

  6. Brain Health

    The nutrients in cabbage feed the brain but may also keep it protected from conditions like Alzheimer’s and strokes. A study by the University of Rochester states that cruciferous vegetables play a role in reducing the harmful proteins that contribute to Alzheimer’s. With its action on the cardiovascular system, it can also prevent strokes.

  7. Battles Diabetes

    Red and green cabbages help to lower one’s blood sugar, making it the perfect addition to a diabetes-friendly diet.

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Are you already a fan of cabbage? Which kind is your favorite and how do you like to eat it? Did you know it had all these benefits?