People Are Having a Hard Time Finding the Bunny Hidden Among the Cats

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

Ever hear of a man named Gergely Dudás, aka “Dudolf? Dudás is a children’s book illustrator most famous for his seek-and-find picture games.

You know the ones—they’re similar to the “Where’s Waldo” concept, where he draws hidden objects into cartoony illustrations and sees how quickly you can find them. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, these puzzles are offering fun and mindless activities for kids—and us adults too.

In fact, we’ve had a blast recently trying to solve all of his puzzles. For example, try finding the mouse among the squirrels in this picture. There are tons of orange and brown cats scattered all over the picture with just one measly bunny hiding among them. Because the bunny blends in so well, he can be hard to spot. And just for a moment, you’re totally in your head, trying to spot this darn bunny. Once you find him, you can’t unsee him!

Now, try finding the tiny snowman among this wintry puzzle. The picture is filled with other snowman faces, snowballs and snowflakes. And to be honest, we think this one is one of Dudlof’s hardest puzzles.

Another winter puzzle of Dudlof’s: Finding the Santa hat among a sea of smiley snowmen. So much red, so much white, so much green, and no Santa hat to be seen. Well, until you finally spot it of course.

Now that you’re warmed up, you can have a go at Dudlof’s latest puzzle: finding the bunny hidden among the cats.

The photo consists of white, gray and orange cats (and a random green one), each one looking slightly different than its neighbors’. They may have different facial expressions, be wearing a top hat, ribbon, bow tie, or nothing at all. At first glance, you probably won’t even believe us that there’s a rabbit hiding among them. But there is! Can you spot him?

Check out the photo below to search for him.

Still can’t find him? It took us a while! You can find the solution here if you want to give up.

To find more puzzles like these, especially when you need a little break, be sure to visit Dudlof’s blog or Instagram. You can truly go down a rabbit hole on these, so just beware.

How long did it take you to find the bunny among the cats—or did you click for the solution? What’s your favorite Dudlof puzzle?