Bruce Willis’ Family and Friends Are Concerned About Changes in Health

Featureflash via Deposit Photos

Bruce Willis, the iconic actor known for his roles in action films, is facing a challenging battle with frontotemporal dementia, and his family and friends are expressing deep concerns about his declining health. Not only are they grappling with the emotional toll of witnessing the progression of the disease, but they are also alarmed by his noticeable weight loss and decreased appetite.

An insider exclusively shared with In Touch that Willis, who will turn 69 on March 19, is struggling with expressing hunger and maintaining a regular appetite. The challenge at home revolves around ensuring he receives adequate nutrition and doesn’t skip meals, aiming to include foods that contribute positively to his health during this difficult time.

“This is a sad situation that should be familiar to anybody who is dealing with a close family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s,” the source said.

The update on Bruce’s health follows recent reports that his frontotemporal dementia has progressed rapidly. His wife, Emma Heming, along with his five daughters and ex-wife Demi Moore, are reportedly doing everything possible to spend quality time with him and provide comfort during this trying period.

Bruce’s friend Glenn Gordon Caron disclosed in October 2023 that the actor’s condition had deteriorated significantly. Once a voracious reader, Bruce is no longer able to enjoy this activity, and his language skills have diminished. Communication has become increasingly challenging, and recognition of people is now a struggle.

Emma Heming, Bruce’s wife, has been a dedicated caretaker, ensuring he is well-protected from potential hazards associated with his illness. Despite the difficulties, she actively raises awareness about dementia and emphasizes the importance of mental health for primary caretakers.

As Bruce’s weight loss and decreased appetite become more apparent signs of his declining health, his family is facing the situation with courage and positivity. The insider shared, “Everybody’s staying positive about Bruce’s future and hopeful that he finds some kind of comfortable plateau or even, God willing, shows signs of improvement.”

Regardless of the uncertain future, Bruce’s family remains devoted to spending as much time with him as possible. “They know being in the presence of his family seems to bring him a lot of comfort, so that is what they focus on.,” the source said. “No matter how much time Bruce has left, they want him to be surrounded by love and happiness.”

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