Brothers Who Hoarded 17,700 Hand Sanitizer Bottles Forced to Donate Their Supply

In light of the coronavirus outbreak across the country and world, people everywhere have been hoarding all sorts of supplies in case they aren’t able to leave their homes. One of the biggest items? Hand sanitizer.

It makes sense since hand sanitizer is one of the most effective ways to kill germs. But still—a bottle of hand sanitizer, even in the middle of a pandemic, can last you a decently long time.

And yet, many people felt the need to stock up on numerous bottles. Sometimes dozens. Sometimes thousands.

You read that right—thousands! A pair of Tennessee brothers, Matt and Noah Colvin, decided to stock up on a whopping 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer, making it very difficult for anyone else to get their hands on just one.

But that was their plan; the hand sanitizer wasn’t for them—it was to sell to others in order for them to make a profit during the outbreak.

When there were just a few cases of coronavirus in the U.S. (what seems like a distant memory), the two drove through Tennessee and Kentucky to every store grabbing all the sanitizers they could get their hands on. They also decided to grab some medical masks while they were at it.

They later listed the supplies on Amazon, and people bought them for anywhere between $8 and $70. He sold 300 bottles so fast, calling it “crazy money,” that he couldn’t help but want to get more.

However, Amazon caught on and pulled the items before they could list any more.

The two have since been forced to donate their huge supply of hand sanitizers to a local church, where people really needed them.

Sorry boys, it’s hard to profit in a time of crisis.

These days, stores are limiting their supply of hand sanitizers and other items that people haven’t been able to get.

To hear more about the Colvin brothers and their hand sanitizer hoarding, check out the video below.

Have you been able to get your hands on hand sanitizer? What items have you had the hardest time getting?