Brooke Burke Gets Real: Says She Is “Fragile” And Suffers From Multiple Diseases

Brooke Burke

On February 27, 2022, Brooke Burke shared a video on Instagram right after finishing an exercise class. She sat on the floor in her workout gear and talked to the camera about her “body story.”

Burke started by asking her followers several questions including, “What are you doing to love your body? How are you treating yourself with love and kindness? And are you ready to write your own body story?”

She knew that many people might wonder what she meant by a “body story,” so she went into more detail. She shared, “For me it’s where I’ve been” including “my scars, my imperfections, my power, my strength, my sense of accomplishment.” In addition, she explained that her “body story” also means “taking ownership” and knowing that she “gets to write” her own body story and even “change” her body story.

She said, “We all are imperfect,” but she encouraged her followers to “get honest, get truthful and love your body a little bit more.”

Burke encouraged her followers to write their own body story and shared that she would be writing hers and sharing it very soon.


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Burke held true to her promise. On March 3, 2023, she posted her body story. The “story” included two identical side-by-side pictures of herself. On one picture, she wrote “what you see,” and on the picture next to it she wrote “what you don’t.”

On the “what you see” side, Burke wrote the words “happiness,” “confidence,” “ABS,” “healthy,” and “celebrity.” On the “what you don’t” side, Burke wrote the words “poker face,” “fragile,” “4 babies,” “3 auto immune diseases,” and “real woman.”


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Last year, at age 51, Burke sat down for an interview with Tamron Hall on the “Tamron Hall Show.” During the interview, she opened up about coming to terms with aging. She explained, “Do you want to be the 20 year old version of yourself, or do you want to be the woman that you are?” See what else she had to say about aging in the video below.