Britney Spears’s Dad Breaks His Silence About His Daughter’s Conservatorship

@britneyspears via Instagram

By now, we’ve all heard Britney Spears’ side of the story as far as her conservatorship. She claims it was like “prison,” and that her dad, Jamie Spears, who was in charge of the conservatorship, controlled everything about her life.

About a year ago, Britney’s conservatorship finally ended after 13 long years. It started shortly after her divorce from Kevin Federline, and what seemed like a mental breakdown. She shaved her head. She hit a car with an umbrella. She went to rehab. It ended with the #FreeBritney movement and a documentary claiming that Britney’s phone was bugged and that she couldn’t even go for a walk without permission.

Now, Jamie is telling his side of the story. He spoke to The Mail on Sunday about the conservatorship, his relationship with Britney’s children, and his relationship with Britney.

First of all, his relationship with Britney does not exist right now. That has been broken. He is on speaking terms with Kevin, Britney’s ex-husband and the father of her two children. He claims that for about 12 years he and Kevin were the ones raising the children.

Jamie explained that without the conservatorship his daughter wouldn’t have been able to see her children. After the divorce, Kevin was granted full custody of the children, who were only toddlers; however, the court allowed Jamie and Kevin to work out their own arrangement so Britney should see her children. Even though it wasn’t legal custody, the children got to see their mother about 50% of the time, but either Jamie or Kevin with present any time the children were with Britney.

Jamie said, “We could take the kids to Europe. They didn’t miss time with their mother. They didn’t miss time with their father. Not many people knew that. The main purpose was to get Britney back with her kids in a comfortable relationship. We did everything in the world with them.” He added, “Kevin will tell you this too – it was us who raised the kids. I just did what I was supposed to do, or felt like I needed to do. I didn’t make any decisions on my own – the team of people were me and my associate, and Kevin. We could all take the kids to the doctor, and to school. At that time Kevin had a lot going on. And the conservatorship made sure the boys never left that house without security. They didn’t go to school one day without lunch.”

Besides making it possible for Britney to see her children, Jamie also believes that without the conservatorship “I don’t know if she’d be alive. I don’t.” Despite all of the controversy, Jamie still loves Britney. He said, “I love my daughter with all my heart and soul.”

The conservatorship also turned Britney’s finances around. During those 13 years, she released 4 albums, went on 3 world tours and had a residency in Las Vegas for 2 years. Jamie said, “The conservatorship allowed the finances to be better.” He added, “My understanding of a conservatorship is to help someone regain their life and return back to society, and to be able to live normally. I want to say that I made a difference. There were a few people behind me that really helped bring it to a point where we could help her.”

Does Jamie think the conservatorship lasted too long? That’s one question he didn’t directly answer. Instead, he said, “You can answer it yourself. Just look at how things are now.”

Do you think the conservatorship lasted too long? Do you think the conservatorship saved Britney’s life?