Britney Spears Posts Bizarre Video On Instagram, Leaving Fans Concerned For Her Well-Being

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The #freebritney movement may be over because Britney Spears is completely free from the conservatorship that controlled her life for many years; however, many people are still concerned about her.

Spears has been exhibiting some bizarre behavior. For starters, she shut down her Instagram account, and concerned fans responded by calling the police.

Now, Spears is back on Instagram and addressing the call to the police on Instagram in a very bizarre video.

Throughout the video, Spears talks in an accent that’s somewhere between Australian and English. At the beginning of the video, she talks about making a dress, but then she explains that someone sent her a dress.

Spears holds up a pink dress and explains that this is the dress someone sent her. Then she dances around with the dress before running across the screen exclaiming, “Don’t ever be a rollercoaster.”

Later on in the video, Spears holds up another dress and explains that she was also sent this dress. Then, she runs across the screen again holding the pink dress and again exclaiming “Don’t ever be a rollercoaster.”


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It’s all very bizarre and has friends and fans worried about her. At one point, people close to her were planning an intervention but ended up deciding to call it off.

According to TMZ’s sources, Spears is taking medication that “hype her up” and she’s been “flying off the handle.” One source expressed concern saying, “I’m afraid she’s gonna die.”

Spears reacted to TMZ’s story about her bizarre video with a post featuring a clip from “The Andy Griffith Show.” Along with the video, she wrote, “The constant lies from the media and TMZ have felt like borderline harassment … it’s extremely disturbing, due to the fact of how incredibly important it is at this time in my life to be supported and respected !!! Also, the way the news has always spread lies about me is incredibly heartbreaking !!! I meditate over hope and excitement for my future !!! I have transformed my whole life with the elimination of my conservatorship and I deserve respect !!! It’s almost embarrassing commenting on this because of how completely outrageous what’s being said is !!! It’s my right to protect myself from the cruelty of the outside world !!!”


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Do you find Spears’ behavior concerning? Do you think she needs help, or do you believe her that “the media and TMZ” are lying?