Britney’s Bizarre New Post Has Fans Talking

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On Friday, Britney Spears and her husband, actor Sam Asghari, headed to a restaurant named JOEY in Woodland Hills, California, for dinner. As one would pretty much expect, when the other patrons at the restaurant realized what famous couple had just walked inside, they scrambled to take pictures and videos.

Britney was unhappy about the attention, and according to TMZ, she tried to hide from the cameras by covering her face with a menu. Then, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to TMZ, Britney, who admitted years ago that she is bipolar, had a manic episode. She was reportedly yelling and talking in gibberish.

Sam appeared upset and left the restaurant. Britney and her body guard also left the restaurant just moments later. Then, the body guard returned to pay the bill.

In response to the incident, Sam posted a short message on his Instagram stories simply telling his followers, “Don’t believe what you read online people.”

Okay, what about what we see online? Here’s a video captured by one patron’s cell phone.

Not only was her behavior at the restaurant worrisome to fans, but now she has posted a video on Instagram that is also concerning her followers. The video may be in response to the JOEY controversy.

Yesterday, Britney posted a video where she is wearing a skin-tight dress, dancing, and fluffing her hair. She also does things like make a heart with her hands and touch up her makeup. None of that is concerning; however, she made another hand gesture that fans found alarming.

At one point while dancing, she dances pretty much off-screen and then puts her hand in front of the camera with the middle figure raised. She makes the same gesture several more times later on during the video.


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In another Instagram post that same day, Britney posted an image with the text, “They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did!”


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Do you think Britney’s recent behavior is concerning?