Huge Brawl Broke Out On A Cruise Ship And The Coast Guard Had To Be Called In

@nyeem0 via Twitter

We can think of several great reasons to take a cruise such as resort-style entertainment all the way to each port of call and all-you-can eat and drink packages. We can all think of several great reasons to avoid taking a cruise such a tiny rooms and the chance of getting seasick or catching whatever illness happens to be going around. Add to that list the chance of witnessing a huge fight on your ship.

Carnival Cruise Lines is no stranger to fights among passengers. Back in June, a huge fight involving about 60 people broke out at a bar on the ship’s 5th floor. The fight was caught on tape by multiple passengers including one who goes by @nyeem0 on Twitter. He posted a video of the fight and wrote, “I was at the bar listening to my own music sipping a shirley temple, then the brawl broke out of nowhere! they was squabbling for sureeee, injured and cut up from glass.”

This cruise ended in Manhattan, and the fight broke out around 2am on the morning the ship was set to arrive at it’s final destination. Reportedly, the fight broke out after several people accused their significant others about cheating on them including three people involved in a threesome at sea.

According to Theresa James, a travel agent who witnessed the fight, the fight lasted about an hour and went from the 5th floor bar and casino area down to the 1st floor. She called the people involved in the fight “ignorant fools acting stupid.”

Security guards jumped in to try to break up the fight, and ultimately the Coast Guard was called to remove the passengers from the ship once they arrived at the port. The New York police were also waiting when the ship docked.

Despite witnessing the brawl, James is still planning on going on another cruise. She doesn’t seem concerned about the chance of witnessing another on-board fight.

More recently, another fight broke out on a Carnival Cruise in September. This time, about 30 people were involved in the fight which started near a bar located near one of the ship’s pools. In both fights, it seems that too much alcohol was invovled.

Have you ever witnessed a fight on a cruise? Would you feel safe booking a Carnival Cruise anyway knowing that there have been several recent instances when passengers started fighting?