Mom Looks Through Boys’ Shorts At Target, Says ‘This Is Not OK’

annethepa via TikTok

If you have both a daughter and a son, you probably shop for baby and toddler clothes pretty often—and you may notice some apparant differences in the way boys’ and girls’ clothes are sized.

One mom named Anne couldn’t help but become pretty fed up with the way her daughter’s clothes were made when compared to her son’s.

“If anyone’s wondering why girls have body image issues, these are my daughter’s shorts,” she said on a now-viral TikTok video, referencing a pair of size 2T-girl shorts. She then pulled out a pair of her son’s 6-9 month sized shorts—and when placed on top of the other pair, you can see how they are basically the same exact size as the girl’s 2Ts!

That’s not the only pair of shorts this has happened with—Anne compared a second pair of shorts that made the same point—a pair of 3T-girls shorts and a pair of 9-month boy shorts were seemingly the same exact size.

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Weird right?

Most people agreed at how strange this was.

“Don’t even get me started!” one person stated. “They try to sexualize our girls. That’s why I buy my girl boy shorts.”

“I stopped buying the shorts/pants from the girls section,” another mom said. “The clothes are skin tight and super short.”

However, some viewers weren’t sold and noticed that the shorts Anne was showing were different brands, which could account for the size differences. Additionally, baby clothes usually make room for the baby wearing a diaper whereas toddler clothes don’t.

“’s the brand and the fact baby’s clothes account for diapers,” someone wrote.

Anne made a follow-up video acknowledging this point—but then proving that even in the same brand, these same issues still exist. Girls clothes most definitely run smaller than boys clothes! Check out her Target comparisons below.

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“I love and appreciate what you are doing!” a daycare worker wrote. “It feels like all people care about are the excuses for issues with kids clothing.”

“Def experienced this buying a super hero shirt for my daughter,” another person wrote. “The boy sizes were very different then the girl shirt sizes.”

“I don’t even have kids. But this is so interesting,” someone wrote.

It is interesting, isn’t it? Anne continues to show just how different the sizes can be in more videos.

Have you ever noticed the differences in girls’ and boys’ sized baby and toddler clothing before? Why do you think this happens?