Cat Trapped By Flood In The Middle Of Hurricane Ian’s Rampage Gets Saved By Owner’s Heroic Boyfriend

Hurricane Ian has hit Florida. Residents have known about the storm for days now and have hopefully taken precautions, evacuated if required to and stocked up on gas, water, and other vital supplies.

While humans can watch the news, track storms and prepare for the worst, pets cannot. They rely on their humans to protect them. To evacuate with them. To bring them inside before a storm hits.

Sometimes pets and other animals get lost during storms. In some cases, this may be due to lack of planning ahead on their human’s part. In other cases, the pets may be used to roaming freely, and when it’s time to come inside, perhaps their humans weren’t able to locate them in time. In other cases, the animals may be strays with nowhere safe to go during a storm.

Whatever the reason, Megan Scavo’s boyfriend noticed a cat outside on top of the neighbor’s air conditioning unit when the floodwaters from Ian hit their neighborhood. They couldn’t just leave the cat outside to fend for itself, so Scavo’s boyfriend came to the cat’s rescue. In a video shared by Scavo, her boyfriend can be seen braving knee-high water to bring the cat to safety.

Scavo posted the video on Twitter, and it has since gone viral.

Many people were so impressed with this man’s sweet and brave rescue mission that they claimed Scavo’s boyfriend as “everyone’s boyfriend.”

Apparently, it’s not all that uncommon for people to rescue pets during hurricanes. Multiple people shared pictures of their own rescue cats from previous hurricanes.

Some people expressed concern for Scavo and her boyfriend considering at the time the video was posted the storm was expected to get even worse. She clarified that she is staying with her parents at their home about 10 miles inland, but her boyfriend is staying at his parents’ house, which is on the coast and which is where the video was taken. She didn’t seem too concerned though. She explained that her boyfriend’s parents’ house “is built for hurricanes.”

Earlier today, Scavo set up a GoFundMe to raise money to fix repairs to their home and added that she and her boyfriend will be “donating half of the proceeds raised by this to the Naples Humane Society.”

Have you ever rescued a pet from a storm? What do you think of this young man’s brave act?