‘Real Housewives’ Star Admits Body Positivity Was ‘A Big Lie’ And Reveals The Secret To Her Weight Loss

Reality star Heather Gay is best known as one of the stars of the show “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” Gay has also been known for promoting body positivity since she herself was famously plus sized and proud of it.

Now, Gay has changed the way she looks and her attitude about body positivity. After dropping 30 pounds, Gay told ABC News’s “Impact x Nightline” that “body positivity is all a big lie.”

While she used to believe that it wasn’t a problem to be plus sized, now that she has dropped the pounds, she has discovered that she feels like she is treated differently by the world. She shared, “It’s better not to be overweight.” She says that she feels “seen” for the first time after losing weight in a way that she never experienced before even though she’s a reality TV star.

Gay realizes that this is a complete about face from how she used to approach size and weight. She admitted, “I’ve sold out.”

She has “sold out” so much that as a mom of daughters, she’s not 100% sure how to approach body image and weight with her daughters. She explained that while she wants them to feel “empowered” she also doesn’t want to “lie to them.” She explained, “I don’t want to lie to them and say, ‘It doesn’t matter. What matters is on the inside.’ But it does matter.” She added, “I don’t know why that’s the way it is in the world, but that has been my experience.”

So how did Gay drop the weight? She took a weight loss medication called semaglutide which is the active ingredient in drugs like Ozempic. Gay explained that it seemed like “everyone” was taking this pill and losing weight. She felt pressured to try it too. Otherwise, she’d show up at a party and feel “resentful” that her formerly plus size friends were now 20 pounds thinner.

Watch the video below to learn more about Gay’s drastic weight loss and her resulting drastic change in attitude about body positivity.