Blackout Day 2020 (Today!) Encourages Spending At Black-Owned Businesses Only

Today is Blackout Day 2020. No, you haven’t missed a major holiday all of your life. This is the very first Blackout Day, and it is not really a holiday; it’s more of a movement.

Back on May 7, a 25-year-old black man decided to go running. Sounds like a healthy thing to do, but for him, it was tragic. He was pursued and fatally shot by father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael who were later charged with his murder.

The very next day, on May 8th, a Texas activist named Calvin Martyr posted a video on YouTube that announced the idea for Blackout Day. The idea for Blackout Day is that black people would spend $0 for the entire day. No ordering takeout. No shopping on Amazon. Nothing.

Martyr emphasized, “The only way as a people that we will get any change is if we unite solidarity with the dollar.” 

According to Neilson reports, in 2018, black customers spent $1.3 trillion in one year alone. If you divide that by 365 days, one day of spending power is $3.5 billion.

Martyr acknowledged that it may not be possible for everyone to avoid spending any money on Blackout Day. In that case, he suggests only spending money at black owned businesses.

If you would like to watch Martyr’s entire video where he emphasizes the need for Blackout Day, you can see it below.

Many people have commented on Martyr’s video loving the idea for Blackout Day. One viewer wrote, “I’m in NM and my sister told me about this… I’m with it! Won’t be spending a dime unless it’s with my sister’s catering business or buying one of my brother’s comics or art from them directly!!”

Some other viewers are wondering if one day of not spending any money except at black-owned businesses is enough. One viewer suggested not shopping for the entire holiday season. “If you really want to make an impact, push people NOT to shop this holiday season. No Black Friday, No Cyber Monday, not buying anything in the 4 th quarter of this year that is not essential to living. No Jordan’s, no TVs, none of that. One day won’t make a difference.”

Do you think one day of not shopping will make a difference? Are you going to participate in Blackout Day? If you need to shop and want to find black-owned businesses, a quick Google search for black-owned businesses in your town is sure to bring up lots of options.