15 Black People Share the Most Ridiculous Reasons Why They’ve Been Stopped By The Police


You’re going about your day minding your business when you see flashing lights behind your car. The police. Unfortunately, your reaction might depend on the color of your skin. How the police treat you might depend on your race as well.

Racial profiling is real, and it is unfortunate, to put it mildly. If you don’t believe it’s real, that might depend on the color of your skin as well.

Many Black people know all too well that racial profiling exists, and their stories prove it. Twitter user William Kimeria requested, “Black people, answer this with the most ridiculous reason you have been stopped by police.”

Scroll down for some truly ridiculous reasons why the police really stopped Black people. If you’re Black, unfortunately, you might be able to relate with your own ridiculous police stories. If you’re not Black, consider this an eye-opening experience.