Bethenny Frankel Reveals Ex-Husband’s Red Flags

Bethenny Frankel, who may be best known as a star of the reality series “Real Housewives of New York,” is opening up about her marriage to and divorce from ex Jason Hoppy. She now claims that she never should have married Hoppy in the first place. In fact, looking back on their dating days, she now sees multiple red flags that should have told her to end things with Hoppy before they got serious.

Page Six reports that on the podcast “Just B Divorced,” Frankel explained what red flags she ignored when she was dating Hoppy and why she ignored them. She pointed out three warning signs.

One warning sign was that when they were still a new couple he told her he wanted to have children with her pretty quickly because of her age. She explained, “Now I did not think of this as a red flag. I don’t know why I didn’t. I think other people would think of it.” 

Frankel says she was “36 or maybe 37” at the time and that her “ biological clock is ticking.” She realizes that she was “my heart and not my logic and my mind and not my gut and my stomach.” The former couple ended up having a daughter together.

Another red flag was that when Hoppy’s reaction to Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey getting divorced. Frankel claims that Hoppy said that Lachey “should take whatever he can get from her.” Yet, Frankel didn’t think Hoppy would turn around and do the same thing to her years later. She explained, “But nevertheless, I ended up getting engaged and I ended up doing a prenup really fast that my lawyer said I should not allow you to sign. But I said, I’m marrying a regular guy, a small town guy from a small you know town family, a regular guy. He does not want my money, famous last words.”

Post divorce, Frankel was paying Hoppy $12,000 a month in spousal support. Watch the video below for more details about their messy divorce and how Frankel finally beat Hoppy in court.

Frankel regrets marrying someone who didn’t make as much money as she does. She explained that it “becomes a problem.”

Even worse than the red flags, it seems that Frankel was never really even in love with Hoppy. She said, “I wasn’t really that into him.” She added, “I convinced myself to be that into him, and when I would hit a low during that general period, it would be like a security blanket and I would like logically say this is something I should do.”

Frankel says that she ended up getting married because “I was pregnant. I was not happy in my relationship. I kept going because I was doing a television show and I was very stupid.”