“Your Hometown Plumber” Explains The Best Way To Unclog A Drain — And What Not To Do

What do you do when the drain is clogged? You probably have a go-to solution. Perhaps you go to your local store and buy a bottle of a product like Drain-O or similar. Perhaps you call your plumber. Perhaps you have another solution.

If you call a plumber, it can be pretty pricey to get that drain unclogged. That’s why one plumber who calls himself plumberman35 on TikTok, shared a short and simple video with an important message – what to do to correctly unclog a drain, and even more importantly, what not to do.

Watch his short video below.

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Did you see that? He’s telling you not to reach for the Drain-O type products. Instead, he pointed out the one product that will actually unclog the drain successfully without a call to the plumber. In case you’re not sure what the item he picked up at the end of the video is (and, no need to feel bad, a lot of people who commented on his video weren’t sure what the product was), it’s a hand snake.

You might be wondering why exactly it’s a bad idea to reach for a liquid product filled with chemicals to break up the clog in the drain. According to plumberman35, “Chemicals are dangerous don’t get any on your skin or in your eyes and don’t inhale it. Buy a hand snake it’s the safest but don’t use in toilet.”

Okay, so chemicals bad, hand snake good. Got it. Now the real question is, how exactly do you use a hand snake? Thankfully, plumberman35 did several videos where he shows this product in action. It turns out that sometimes you may not even need the hand snake to unclog the drain.

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What do you usually do when a drain gets clogged? Have you ever used a product like Drain-O? Are you going to buy a hand snake?