Man Illustrated the Best News Stories of 2020 So the Year Wouldn’t Feel Like a Complete Waste


Believe it or not, many good things happened in 2020. Sure, it has been an extremely stressful and difficult year, but maybe that’s because we don’t spend as much time learning about the positive things that happened as we do stressing about all of the negative things going on around us.

Los Angeles based artist Mauro Gatti to the rescue! Gatti posts only inspirational and good news on his Instagram page the_happy_broadcast, and he makes the good news even better by adding illustrations that are bright and cheerful. Scroll down to learn about some of the good news from 2020. You might end up feeling a little bit better about this year when you’re done.

  1. Solar Power

  2. Going Green

  3. Restoring the Fish Population

  4. Equal Maternity and Paternity Leave

  5. Beavers Are Back

  6. Pets Get Forever Homes

  7. Positive Result of Zoo Closures

  8. Baby Sea Turtles

  9. Improving the Great Barrier Reef

  10. Growing New Trees

  11. A Huge Accomplishment in Sudan

  12. Healing the Ozone

  13. Welcome Back, Koalas!

  14. A Bottle That’s Good for the Environment

  15. Renewable Energy in Sydney

  16. Major Ocean Cleanup Effort

  17. Quit Smoking

  18. Equal Pay in New Zealand

  19. Beer Power in Australia

  20. No More Polio in Africa