Apparently, This Is The Best Dog Video Ever Created

Talking Animals

While the internet is full of cute cat videos, there is one viral dog video that has truly stood the test of time. Eleven years ago, a dog video was posted to the YouTube channel Talking Animals, and it must be the best dog video ever, because it has been viewed 207 million times.

The video quality is quite simple, and the concept is simple too. What makes it brilliant and worth watching more than once and worth sharing with your friends is what the dog’s owner and the dog himself have to say.

In the video, we see a dog. That is the only animal we see. We do not see any people. We simply see a dog “talking” to his owner from his owner’s perspective.

It appears that they are in the living room of their home, and the owner is sitting on the couch or in a chair. The dog walks up to his owner, and the two appear to have a conversation. We’re sure the dog didn’t really talk. It’s lip synching done after the fact, but it’s so spot on and so relevant to what we imagine a dog would actually say that we can’t help but believe that we are truly hearing the dog talk.

The conversation between the dog and his owner is about food. The owner talks to the dog, who is eagerly listening, about going to the refrigerator. Then the owner talks about various kinds of meat he found in the refrigerator and what he did with that meat.

The dog’s reaction to the owner’s story is hilarious. Every time the dog is disappointed, such as when the owner tells the dog that he ate the bacon in the refrigerator, we feel a little bit sorry for the dog and hopeful when the dog feels hopeful at the next bit of news.

Watch this adorable dog video for yourself. Over 1 million people have liked this video. Maybe you will too.