We Were Amazed When We Found Out Why Their Bedframe Had A Hole In It


Cats can get themselves caught in the most precarious positions. This is because they like to hide, and they like to explore. If you have ever owned a cat, you probably know that the phrases “curiosity killed the cat” and “scaredy cat” are both very true.

We once had a kitten that disappeared in the back of our dresser. It climbed from drawer to drawer. Another kitten was so small that it would squeeze under the interior doors to get from room to room. Granted, the bottom of the doors were a little bit higher off the ground than most interior doors, and it was a very small kitten, but we still considered this quite amazing.

One company is creating furniture with curious scaredy cats in mind. This furniture is created knowing that cats like to hide and explore, and it is made for them to do exactly that. It is also made so that cats won’t get trapped or stuck inside the furniture. No more kittens meowing from the back of our dresser.

This company, named CatLife, has one particular product that caught our attention. It’s a bed with a hidden world underneath. We’ve seen beds with drawers under them. We’ve seen beds with trundles under them. This was something different.

CatLife has created a completely hidden world under their bed frame. In fact, they call it an “internal labyrinth.”

From the outside, the bed looks fairly normal except for some holes in the side. The larger holes are so that the cats can enter their secret world.

Here’s what the bed looks like without the mattress on top.


CatLife told Bored Panda, “With our furniture, you can not only continue to enjoy your bed normally but also, you are giving a very special place to your kitten, every cat lover would like to have this bed!” CatLife adds, “With passageways and beds that our cat clients can use to sleep, rest, and hide when they feel invaded in their territory, the main function of the bed is to serve as a safe place for the cats.”

CatLife creates more than just beds, but all of their products are created with cats and their owners in mind. The company explained, “At this time, we manage traditional cat beds and play areas, but also, thinking about the life that we have with them as owners and in order to optimize space, we created our home line: multifunctional furniture for human and feline use such as the bed, nightstands, studios, entertainment centers, libraries, and many more products.”

If you have cats, do you think they would like a bed like this from CatLife?