Bear Breaks Into A House And Plays The Piano (Though Not Very Well)

Washington Post

If you live in a safe neighborhood, you likely don’t have any problems leaving a window open when you leave the house from time to time. However, sometimes there can be consequences to doing so—ones you might not have even imagined were possible.

Katie Hawley, a 21-year-old college student, had left her residence in Vail, Colorado one night and left one of her window latches unlocked. When she got back the next morning, she was completely shocked at what she found.

One foot into the hallway and kitchen, and sheer panic washed over her. Hawley’s entire fridge had been tampered with, with frozen fruit strewn on the carpet, a box of flour astray. There was even an empty bottle of syrup, large package of chocolate bark, and the remnants of a jar of peanut butter.

Hawley immediately reported an intruder to the police, but when the officers toured the home, they thought something was a little fishy. If it were a robber who entered her home, wouldn’t they have torn apart dresser drawers looking for jewelry or a safe in search of cash? “[The officer] was like, that was a bear, not a person,” Hawley recalled.

At first, she didn’t quite believe him. But there was only one way to find out. Hawley reviewed the tapes from her security camera she had set up, and sure enough, a black bear was seen crawling around the living room—looking hungry as ever!

It turns out the bear got in—you guessed it—through the window. “I left the window unlatched, but it was still shut. So, it pried open the window and that’s how it got in,” said Hawley.

Besides raiding her fridge, the bear also did something totally unexpected. In search for food, he lifted himself up onto a chair beneath Hawley’s piano and strummed some keys. The bear was no Beethoven though—let’s just say he wasn’t quite musically inclined.

Hawley is used to seeing bears in her area, but of course, not one in her house. Even though she’s a huge animal lover, she now finds herself tiptoeing around her house and being extra cautious when she gets home…just in case. “I think the bear is very cute,” she said. “But it just scares me he was in the house.”

Besides letting Hawley know who entered her home, the security camera footage of the bear inside is also proof for everyone that she isn’t crazy! Check out the shocking video below of the piano-playing, fridge-raiding bear that invaded her home.

“The first part of the video you can just see the bear claw and kind of see his snout. And I’m like, ‘Oh this is pretty cool you can tell that he was in the house.’ And then all of a sudden he jumps over the railing and you can see the whole bear and then he jumped up on the piano,” said Hawley. “It’s pretty shocking.”

What would you have done if a bear entered your home while you were away?