Neuroscientists Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly for These 5 Reasons

Need a little motivation to take a well-deserved vacation? Slaving at work and home day in and day out can take a toll, and you know you could use a good dose of self-care. So, why not head to the beach?

Soft sand under your toes and the dreamy, watery vista should be enough to lure you away, but now there are few other reasons. Scientists are backing up the fact that spending time near the water does the body and mind some good.

Allowing all your senses to soak up everything the beach has to offer can work wonders for your well-being. According to studies by neuroscientists and psychologists, being near the water and sandy surf have a powerful impact on the brain. It’s time to pack your bags and hit the coast!

  1. Less Stress

    The sounds and smells of the ocean can help to lower cortisol levels in the body, leading to reduced stress. Take a deep breath to partake in some of the minerals that fight stress, and book an ocean view if you want to experience what it’s like to decompress and drop your worries.

  2. Alleviate Symptoms of Depression

    When you inhale that sea air, you’re also charging yourself up with negative ions which help to balance out the chemicals in the brain that combat depression. In one study, people exposed to negative ions were found to be more cheerful and have lowered rates of depression and anxiety. The color blue is also known to invoke feelings of peace, healing, and compassion.

  3. Bumps Up Creativity

    Just staring out into the blue horizon can help you tap into your imagination and creativity. Without being caught up in day-to-day demands of the world, you can find new inspiration in the beautiful sights and sounds the sea has to offer.

  4. Boosts Your Ability to Focus

    Those negative ions in the air are also at work in increasing mental alertness and focus. Your mind will become sharper simply by the air you breathe. When you come back from vacation, you’ll be ready to concentrate on the next big project!

  5. Helps You and Your Brain to Relax

    Being near sea water has a calming effect as its sound has been shown to alter brain waves. The same holds true when it comes to looking at it, as the sight of the ocean helps the brain to slow down and recharge. Take some time to float in, watch, or listen to the sea to put yourself into a relaxing trance and give your brain some down time.

If you haven’t booked your vacay or you are lucky enough to live near water, it’s time for you to soothe your brain and spirit with some ocean therapy. When it’s finally time for you to unwind, just make sure you unplug from your devices too!

Did you know that beach could provide all these benefits? When was the last time you spent time at the beach? Are you in need of some self-care for your brain?