Healthcare Provider Shares How to Be Safest With Grocery Shopping and Takeout During COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, a huge majority of businesses have been forced to close their doors. Unless you’re considered “essential,” you’re either working from home or, unfortunately, unemployed for the time being.

One of the most essential businesses, however, are grocery stores and restaurants. We all need to eat, after all, even if it’s in the comfort of our own home. While most grocery stores remain open, many restaurants are limited to takeout and delivery only.

But even with essential food places open, you might still feel a little squeamish perusing the aisles of the grocery store or eating your Thai takeout from a Styrofoam container.

With so many precautions and restrictions being taken, it can feel a little funny to be putting something in your body that came from somewhere unknown. What sick person may have touched the broccoli before you at the supermarket, and how do you know the person who made your takeout washed their hands properly?

You might find yourself a bit scared to purchase food at all. But, we have some good news. You can rest assured knowing that there are safe ways to go grocery shopping and get takeout during this pandemic.

Here to help is Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen, a family physician and healthcare provider in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of the states where the governor has implemented a stay-at-home order.

Dr. VanWingen uses his knowledge to offer various precautions and techniques you can try to keep yourself safe. His methods are simple, easy to implement, and super effective in decreasing your risk of contracting coronavirus when you go out to get your food.

In addition, learn how long the coronavirus lives outside the human body—note: It’s fewer hours than we previously thought—and other facts about the virus itself.

Check out his extremely informative video on safe grocery shopping and takeout eating during the outbreak below.

Have you been nervous to grocery shop or eat takeout while coronavirus cases are increasing? What are the best tips you took away from Dr. VanWingen’s video?