Bartender Shuts Down Bar Customer Who Requests No Ice In Order To Get More Alcohol

jemimajune_1 via TikTok

In the realm of bartending, where libation preferences often intertwine with creative requests, a recent TikTok video by bartender Jemima June from Nashville, Tennessee, has ignited a discussion about customer interactions and the nuances of serving alcohol.

The viral clip, amassing over 7.3 million views, captured a customer boldly asking for a tequila cranberry with a firm request—”no ice.” Jemima June, unfazed, complied with the request while offering an additional proposition: “Do you want a DOUBLE tequila cranberry?” The bartender astutely clarified, “Just cause you say no ice doesn’t mean you’re gonna get more alcohol. Double, that means you’re gonna get more alcohol.”

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While the majority of viewers rallied behind Jemima, acknowledging the tactics of the customer, a subset expressed differing opinions. Some argued for the enjoyment of less frosty beverages, contending that sometimes patrons desire more drink volume without an increase in alcohol content. Despite the divergence of opinions, Jemima’s composure and professionalism during the exchange were noted, with several viewers emphasizing the challenges faced by bartenders in high-volume settings.

One commenter aptly remarked, ‘The people in the comments pressed about this would NEVER survive as a bartender.’ This sentiment was echoed by another viewer who highlighted the importance of bartenders understanding the nuances of customer requests, noting, “Us bartenders know exactly what no ice means.”

Several supporters praised Jemima for maintaining a cordial demeanor despite the customer’s insistence on specific instructions. In the fast-paced environment of bartending, where precision is essential, Jemima’s response was considered appropriate, even by those who acknowledged the challenges of working in the industry.

The ongoing debate surrounding customer requests and bartender etiquette underscores the need for effective communication and a shared understanding of terms within the hospitality sector. As one TikTok user aptly put it, “As a bartender in a HIGH VOLUME setting, this is not even being rude. It gets frustrating being yelled at when you are doing what they ask.”

Amid the viral discussion, some viewers expressed surprise that the point raised by Jemima even required clarification. “Blows my mind that we still have to say this,” one user commented, highlighting the perpetual challenges faced by bartenders in navigating customer expectations.

Jemima June, with a substantial following of 975,400 on TikTok, often shares insights from her bartending experiences. Her videos, showcasing not only her adeptness in bartending skills but also her ability to handle diverse customer interactions, have garnered over 43.6 million likes. This viral episode serves as a microcosm of the ongoing dialogue within the service industry, shedding light on the delicate balance between customer preferences and the practicalities of bartending in dynamic environments.

What’s your take on the customer’s request for ‘no ice’—a reasonable preference or an attempt to get more alcohol?