Someone Started Taking Pictures When This Police Officer Was With A Barefoot Woman In Walmart

Many stores have rules about what you have to wear in order to enter. While this isn’t exactly a strict dress code, you’ve probably seen signs before that read something like “no shirt, no shoes, no service.”

One homeless woman in Oklahoma walked inside a Walmart store without wearing shoes. The police were with her, but they weren’t there to arrest her for her lack of shoes. Instead, they were there to help her.

Brandon Hendrix is a police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One day, he was on duty downtown, not too far from a homeless shelter. Hendrix was used to seeing homeless people in this area, but one woman he saw walking down the sidewalk caught his attention.

The woman wasn’t wearing socks or shoes. He knew the sidewalk was hot that day, and he thought, “That looks pretty uncomfortable.” Instead of continuing on his patrol, he decided to help the woman. He went up to her and told her that he’d like to take her to a store to buy her a pair of shoes.

She was hesitant at first. Hendrix thinks she didn’t really believe him. She thought he was going to arrest her, but she eventually agreed to go with him.

Hendrix, another police officer, and the homeless woman all drove together to Walmart. They went inside, and Hendrix told the woman to pick out any pair of shoes she wanted. The two officers kept a distance from her so employees and customers wouldn’t think she was a prisoner.

The woman chose a pair of shoes that matched her dress, and Hendrix paid for the shoes and a pair of socks with his credit card. He doesn’t remember how much the shoes cost. In fact, he wishes he had been able to get her a nicer pair. He explained that it was early in the morning and Walmart was the only store that was open where he could buy shoes but he “wanted to take her to a nicer store.”

The other officer was moved by the random act of kindness and decided to take a picture when Hendrix was paying for the shoes at a self-checkout register. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office later tweeted the picture, and it went viral in the local community.

In the tweet, Hendrix is not mentioned by name. He didn’t want a lot of attention just because he bought someone shoes. He explained, “It’s not like it’s a big deal. It’s just a pair of shoes.” He added, “I would hope that someone would do the same for someone in my family who needed something.”

Casey Roebuck, Director of Public Information for the Tulsa Country Sheriff’s Office, told CBS News, “Nobody goes into law enforcement to make a lot of money and resources are usually tight, so, we’re very proud that he did this for her.”

What do you think of this police officer’s kind gesture?