Bailey’s Is Selling an Apple Pie Flavor That’s Perfect for Fall


Once the month of August arrives, us autumn lovers can’t stop daydreaming about pumpkin spice lattes, chunky sweaters and crunchy multicolored piles of leaves on every street corner. Oh yes, fall is upon us.

Celebrating the cooler season looks pretty similar for most of us: We go apple picking, we eat apple cider donuts, we bake tart apple pies…do you notice a trend? Sure, pumpkin and cinnamon and flavors of the sort also correlate with fall, but apple is the true hero here. And somebody else agrees: Baileys.

That’s right, Bailey’s, as in the Irish cream liqueur company. The brand just announced that they will be releasing a new apple pie flavor of their liquor to celebrate the exciting season of fall. And man, is that the most exciting news to hit 2020. The flavor we all love in the form of booze? Sign us up!

Bailey’s apple pie liqueur is sweet enough to add to everything from your hot chocolate to your ice cream sundae. You can also drink it on the rocks, which is probably most people’s preference.

It’s just one more fall beverage to add to the list! For just $24.99, it’s a complete steal. You can find it at most liquor stores this fall season.

In addition, the fall lovers at Baileys have also begun to sell an apple pie Friendsgiving kit to encourage people to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends a little earlier this year. Perhaps it’s in anticipation of a second wave of COVID-19 or perhaps they’re just anxious for fall to get here—either way, the kit has everything you need to make an “Apple of my Chai” cocktail, “an indulgent spin on a chai tea latte for that oh-so-typical end of the night toast,” Bailey’s stated.

With the kit, you can also make Baileys Apple PieCookies, a creation that celebrity pastry chef Zac Young came up with. Bailey’s describes them as “a unique take on a mini apple crumb pie featuring warmly spiced cookies infused with a Baileys Apple Pie filling and topped with oat crumble.”

Well, Bailey’s certainly knows a thing or two about the fall season. Are you just as into fall drinks and pastries during the cooler season? What are your favorite fall treats to whip up in the kitchen Will you be picking up a bottle of the brand’s apple pie liqueur? How will you use it—or will you drink it in a glass on the rocks like we plan to?