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In early March, 2023, rapper Flo Rida’s 6-year-old son was in a serious accident and is lucky to be alive. The special needs child accidentally fell 5 stories out of a window in his mother’s New Jersey apartment.

TMZ reports that 6-year-old Zohar P. Dillard is not only autistic but also has a rare disorder known as hydrocephalus. According to the Mayo Clinic, hydrocephalus is when excess fluid builds up in cavities deep in a person’s brain. 

Flo Rida is no longer with Zohar’s mother, Alexis Adams. In fact, according to Alexis, Zohar has never even met his father and his father only posts about him on social media for his image. 

Previously, a judge ruled that the rapper was required to pay for all of his son’s medical bills and education on top of paying child support. Now, Alexis claims that he stopped paying for Zohar’s insurance, which is detrimental, especially at a time when he suffered such serious injuries including multiple fractures and lacerations.

In addition to what he was already required to pay, Alexis wants a judge to rule that he should set aside even more money for his son’s medical expenses. Flo Rida recently won a lawsuit against an energy drink company to the tune of $82.5 million. Alexis wants her ex to put aside $400,000 of that money for his son’s medical bills.


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Flo Rida was supposed to appear in family court to plead his side of the case. Alexis showed up and told her side of the story. She explained about Zohar’s medical bills, how she had to file for medicaid because her ex wasn’t paying for insurance, and how Flo Rida has never met his son.

For his part, Flo Rida did attempt to appear in court, kind of. He tried to attend the meeting via Zoom. That probably would’ve worked back in 2020, but it’s 2023, and the judge did not approve of attending his courtroom via Zoom. The judge refused to let Flo Rida state his case.

The judge has yet to rule on the case.