Bad Beauty Habits: Sins You Shouldn’t Be Committing

The following is a guest post from blogger Alyssa Clarke.

There is no way of keeping tabs on a ladies beauty regime, and no matter how much ever you try; you can’t make them to stop doing some of the bizarre beauty regimes. Ladies, as you know, are very strict and secretive about their beauty habits. However, there are some of the beauty habits that have been evolved overtime, where some evolved into nothing and some has been replaced. But being not aware of these changes, ladies and young girls continue to work strictly on their beauty habits, so here are a few bad beauty habits that should be avoided at all cost, if you want younger looking beautiful skin. Moreover, imagine the kind of money that could be saved by eradicating some of the bad beauty habits, here are a few:

Make-Up and Work Out

You want to look perfect all the time, no matter what, which is quite understandable but working out with make-up on, wrong move, ladies! Working out in gym to have a svelte body with your face covered in all kinds of make-up stuff will make you look like a nutcase, but aside that, all those mascara and blush makes no room for the sweat to roll from the skin, which leads to pimples and severe acne’s. So you work at gym thrice a week and you work for two hours, knowing the harmful effects of make-up during work-out will help you look glowing and save a few bucks as well.

Blow Dry takes Away Hair’s Natural Shine

Naturally, ladies look gorgeous when they step out looking with their hair all straightened blow dried and cool. And this is something many women do, as often as one can, and young girls follow this beauty regimen as much as their peers. Nothing wrong in blow drying but it is seriously harmful when blow drying is done one too many times a day, on a daily basis. The heat that erupts from the blow drier causes damage to hair and it takes away the natural shine of your hair leaving it with weakened strands and with no life of its own. So, try not to buy too many blow driers and hoard it home on the hope of blow-drying your hair often, this saves a penny or two.

Too Much Exfoliation Damages Skin

Yes, I agree, facial scrubs are very valuable when it comes to warding off dead cells from face and giving a stunning glow to the skin. But if you get greedy and think that exfoliating too many times will give a wonderful glow, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Reason being, if you scrub so forcefully or the facial scrub that use are harsh, then you will end up leaving your skin too sensitive and you will be affected with broken capillaries. Once broken capillaries occur, they will stay for life, so stop exfoliating too many times thinking it will do you good. Avoid splurging on too many scrubs, just buy one reliable product and scrub thrice a week.

Excessive Plucking of Eyebrows

This is one of the most common blunders that many young girls and women do thinking that they are doing one of the best beauty habits. This is far from the truth, for instance, if you pluck too much of you eyebrows, then the chances that they will grow back is very thin. To have thin eyebrows is in vogue but to not to have them grown back could be exasperating. So when you do pluck your eyebrows, make certain that you do not over-pluck it because without it, you won’t look any good. All those trips to beauty salon should be avoided, since they are waste of money, once a month eyebrows plucking will do.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who enjoys writing on beauty and fashion the most. She loves collecting perfumes and shoes and her favorites have always been the Christina Aguilera perfume range and Sergio Rossi, the famous shoe brand.