9 Car Crash Survivors Pose for These Chilling Photos to Raise Awareness About Seatbelt Safety

It’s something you learn when you’re a child in your car seat. When you’re a student on the school bus. When you’re a teen learning to drive: It’s three simple words: Buckle. Your. Seatbelt. Wait, there’s a fourth: Always.

But somehow, one way or another, we all choose NOT to wear our seatbelt at some point. For whatever reason, there are always times when we just say, “Eh, I don’t need it right now.” It literally takes less than five seconds to strap it on, but how many times could you just not be bothered?

Unfortunately, not wearing a seatbelt is insanely dangerous. And by not wearing it, you risk major injury if not death. In fact, of total fatal accidents, 48.1% were not wearing a seatbelt, according to Edgar Snyder & Associates.

And those are just stats in the U.S. It’s just as bad if not worse in other places of the world. In New Zealand, for example, a total amount of 90 people die each year because they weren’t wearing their seatbelt.

That’s why the NZ Transport Agency has developed a compelling campaign to make sure people wear their seatbelts. There’s a reason we’re told time and time again to put it on: It’s the best way to keep us safe in a car…and that’s just what the campaign wants to show us.

The initiative is aimed at “a particularly hard to reach bunch of lads [who] continue to not wear their seatbelt in a moving vehicle,” the agency states.

The company’s approach was to use real-life crash survivors (both drivers and passengers) to portray how much you can be injured even when you DO wear a seatbelt—so imagine what it would be like in the same situation if you didn’t.

“The aim of this campaign is to make the seatbelt a worthwhile item for them to wear,” the agency explains. “We want to bring ‘risk’ to the front of their mind and show them why they should always wear a seatbelt.”

The people who were involved in crashes had their injuries recreated by the SFX make-up company PROFX. All of these people survived in real life, but it could’ve been a heck of a lot worse if they weren’t wearing their seatbelt—and their injuries speak for themselves on that.

If you were iffy about wearing a seatbelt before, then we can almost guarantee you won’t be anymore. Below are 9 men who participated in the campaign by getting done up with their injuries to show just how much worse the latter could’ve been.

  1. Dan Mason

    Bruises and scratches, but still alive.

  2. Kahutia Foster

    His right arm is no joke.

  3. Dylan Chirnside

    Imagine what could’ve happened to his eyes had his seatbelt not been on.

  4. James Mcdonald

    Even with that cut on his nose and broken arm, he’s lucky.

  5. Liam Bethell

    Being a tough guy isn’t enough to protect you without a seatbelt.

  6. Dion Perry

    We can’t imagine what the healing was like.

  7. Rick Haira

    Definitely was wearing his seatbelt.

  8. Willy Carberry

    Stitches, cuts, scrapes, but he’s able to come away from it and talk about it.

  9. Will Giles

    His head could’ve gotten much more cut up if his seatbelt was off.

You can view more and read more about the campaign here.

What do you think about this agency’s way of showcasing the importance of seat belts?