13 People Share the Small Thing That Will Automatically Make Them Mistrust Somebody

There really is a thing to first impressions. It’s not all about the way your hair looks or what you’re wearing; although, that may be part of it. A lot of times, someone’s actions can speak volumes about their personality.

Reddit user _PM_ME_YOUR_NIPPLES asked the community, “What small thing makes you automatically distrust someone?” The answers are interesting and eye-opening. 

Scroll down for 13 examples of things people do that make them seem like they are not trustworthy. Hopefully, you don’t do any of these things, but you might know someone who does.

  1. Handshake

    For Reddit user CaptHoshito, it’s all about the handshake:

    The way too hard handshake. A firm handshake is great but some people make it weird.

  2. Jealousy

    Written by Reddit user anothergumgutmorning:

    When they can’t be happy when their friends succeed in the ways they haven’t. If your jealousy is that profound, I don’t want to be around you.

  3. “One Better”

    Shared by Stormaen:

    “One Better Syndrome” – where no matter what your experience, your history, your anecdote theirs is better, worse, funnier.

  4. Borrowing

    Added by supnottoomuch:

    When someone borrows something and never attempts to return or mention it until you bring it up.

  5. No Means No

    Boundaries are important to grapesofap:

    not respecting my decision when I say no to something small. thank you for letting me know you don’t respect boundaries

  6. Judging Others

    Written by Reddit user Back2Bach:

    When they judge others for the very things they’re guilty of themselves.

  7. Manipulation

    blinkysmurf wrote:

    When they put a lot of energy into manipulating people instead of just living their lives.

  8. Gossip

    Reddit user decadentbeaver shared:

    People who can’t keep something to themselves and talk about another person’s private matters. I’m very private about myself, as trust takes years to build up but seconds to shatter.

  9. Interrupting

    Written by foxbrij:

    Someone who constantly interrupts.

  10. That’s Not True

    Shared by Reddit user Injustice_Warrior:

    When they state something you know to be false as fact.

  11. Not Following Through

    Added by TristramBambi:

    Repeatedly not following through…small things too.Hey, I’ll talk to you later this afternoon. Nothing. I listened to this great song, I’ll send it to you. Nothing. I just feel like those little moments are foreshadowing bigger things / disappointments to come.

  12. Opinions

    OutBack10 wrote:

    When their opinions on the same topics change depending on who they are with.

  13. Littering

    Reddit user Roonie222 shared:

    When they litter. I don’t know why but as soon as someone throws a wrapper out the window I immediately lose all faith in that person. Like you can hold it for an hour. If you can’t hold onto a thing that long, how long will you hold what I tell you?