Indecent Neighbor – Woman Told to Wear a Bra in Her Own Yard


Everyone should have the right to lounge about in whatever they want to when they are on their own property, especially when 1.) It is absolutely sweltering outside and 2.) You’re 32-weeks pregnant and just trying to catch a break and cool down for a little bit.

One would think that this is one of those universally acknowledged truths, because it seems pretty straight forward. That must not be the case, though, according to Redditor u/fruitandboot. On one such hot day, she had a run-in with her nosy neighbor about the way that she was dressed, which ended in her yelling and telling the neighbor never to come over unannounced again. After the fact,  she took to Reddit to ask the age old question: AITA (Am I the A-hole)? Before we make our judgements, let’s review the narrative:

  • OP, a 32-weeks pregnant woman, was minding her own business relaxing on her patio
  • Neighbor comes over and stands on tip-toe to peer into the yard and ask if the hedges had been trimmed in the neighborhood yet, which they clearly had not
  • Neighbor’s kid is running around wild through the yard and whining while they have a short conversation
  • As neighbor goes to leave, she asks OP to “please put a bra on while outside of the house” and calls OP’s state of dress “indecent”
  • Then the yelling starts and continues to escalate until OP asks the neighbor to leave and never come over unannounced again
  • In regaling her husband, OP begins to wonder whether she was in the right to be so upset

Well, I already know what I think. Let’s see what the good folks of Reddit had to say:

Absolutely NTA. Your neighbor comes over unannounced and you’re trying to relax. You’re not even topless, just braless. Your neighbor can stuff it. -u/RoboClaus

This Redditor makes a VERY good point:

If someone can tell that you’re not wearing a bra, I suspect they’re looking a little too closely and being a creep. -u/RockinDonkey

u/revmat takes things to a societal level:

NTA. Bras are not required. Breasts are not inherently sexual. People who only see them that way need to work that sh*t out in therapy and leaven women who don’t want to wear a bra alone. This goes double of course when you’re on your own property.

Amusingly, there were also a number of responses wherein people remarked that they were under the impression that OP was actually full-on topless and they still felt that she was in the right. After all, she was well covered up by the fence and surrounding plants in her own yard, otherwise the neighbor wouldn’t have had to specifically come all the way to the fence and peer in. This is the very definition of “looking for trouble,” and it is absurd to me that someone would do this. Perhaps she was embarrassed by her child’s behavior so she was looking to shift the focus to something OP had done wrong? Either way, I know that I’m on OP’s side on this one and I hope she’s feeling okay about the confrontation.

How about you- do you think OP is the one in the wrong here? How would you have handled something like this? Has anything like this happened to you before? We love to hear your thoughts; let us know!