Artist Illustrates How Life Is Going After Welcoming Their Second Child


Parenting is hard, but when you look at social media, it’s sometimes easy to think that everyone else has it figured out. Thankfully, there are social media accounts that are very honest, relatable, and best of all, funny.

Yehuda and Maya Devir have two children, a daughter named Ariel and a baby boy named Ethan. They started creating art about life as new parents shortly after Ariel was born. Before that, the artwork revolved around what it’s really like to be married. Now that they have two children, the artwork has evolved to show life as parents with more than one child. It’s real. It’s honest. It’s wonderful.

The art the Devirs create has a style all its own, and the best part is that it shows the tough parts of parenting such as how impossible it is to go to the bathroom without a child in the bathroom with you and the frustration of trying to install carseats. These pictures make us feel better about how parenting is really going. These are very common experiences.

Scroll down to enjoy some hilarious yet oh so relateable art from the Devir team.

  1. “Happy Anniversary”

  2. “Role Model”

  3. “Mom’s Night Out”

  4. “Jelly Belly”

  5. “Head Shot”

  6. “Coochy Coo”

  7. “Mine Field”

  8. “Material Girl”

  9. “Men Only”

  10. “Mission Impossible: Booster Setup”

  11. “Braidsmaids”

  12. “Home Olympics”

  13. “Look! A Butterfly!”