Watch Army Soldier Surprise His Wife After Secretly Returning From A Nine-Month Deployment


U.S. Army soldier Chris Roelke claims that it’s difficult to surprise his wife, April. He wasn’t sure if he’d actually be able to “pull it off,” but he planned to try to surprise her anyway.

Chris had been deployed by the army and was away from home for nine months. That means it had been nine months since the last time he saw his wife, and he wanted to make their reunion extra special.

Instead of telling his wife the good news that he was coming home, he kept the news to himself. He decided to try to surprise her, but he knew he had to be extra sneaky.

Chris planned to surprise April at a Luke Bryan concert that she was attending in their home state of Wisconsin. She had no idea that he was home after being deployed, so she obviously had no idea that he would be at the concert.

Chris brought a sign with him to the concert to surprise her, and before she arrived, he had other fans arriving for the concert sign his sign. While he was sharing his surprise with others, he wanted to make sure his wife didn’t find out he was home until the right moment.

Strangers he met at the concert agreed to help him keep the secret from his wife. For example, one man let Chris hide behind him when Chris spotted his wife’s car in the parking lot. He knew the big moment was almost here.

Chris wasn’t sure how his wife would react to his surprise, but he hoped that it would be a “Hallmark moment with running and screaming.” He wasn’t necessarily counting on that, but he said, “She’s going to jump on me. I know that.”

When April finally spotted Chris, she did indeed run to him. There wasn’t screaming, but there were tears of joy as she jumped into his arms with the crowd looking on at the sweet moment.

Now, she claims that she doesn’t plan to “let him go.” They told each other, “I miss you” and “I love you.”