Another Celebrity Announces She Is Leaving The Country


Since her high-profile legal battle with Johnny Depp, actress Amber Heard has been making significant changes in her life. Following speculation about her screen time in Aquaman 2, Heard has now announced her relocation to Spain, where she resides with her baby, Oonagh Paige Heard.

In a surprising move back in 2023, Heard made headlines by trading the glitz and glam of Hollywood for a quieter life in Madrid, Spain. Speaking to Spanish reporters that summer, the Texas native expressed her love for Spain, stating, “I love Spain, so much.” When asked about her plans to stay in the region, Heard enthusiastically replied, “Yes, I hope so. Yes, yes, I love living here,” highlighting her bilingual fluency in Spanish.

Heard, 37, welcomed her daughter, Oonagh, in 2021 via surrogate. Although she maintains a relatively private family life, occasional glimpses of her with her baby have surfaced through various photographs.

Following the tumultuous court case that garnered global attention, Heard seems intent on embarking on a new chapter in her life. Reflecting on her career aspirations, she told Deadline upon the release of her 2023 film In the Fire, “You know, I just want to make movies and be appreciated, as an actress. I don’t want to have to be crucified to be appreciated as one.”

While speculation regarding the identity of Heard’s baby’s father circulated online, with some suggesting Elon Musk, this has never been confirmed. Heard has previously been romantically linked to notable figures such as James Franco, Cara Delevingne, and cinematographer Bianca Butti.

Despite the buzz surrounding Aquaman 2, which reportedly had a lackluster box office debut, fans were curious about Heard’s screen time in the film. Business Insider revealed that despite being a prominent character in the franchise, Heard had just 11 lines of dialogue throughout the movie, with Collider estimating her total screen time at approximately 20 minutes.

Speculation arose that her reduced role might be linked to her contentious legal battle with Johnny Depp in 2022. However, director James Wan reportedly clarified to Entertainment Weekly that Heard’s character’s limited screen time was always part of the creative plan.

Heard herself seemed content with the outcome, breaking her silence on the matter with an Instagram post in early January, expressing gratitude to her fans for their support and love for her character Mera’s return in Aquaman 2.

Hear more updates on Amber Heard’s life and career in the video below.

As Amber Heard embarks on a new chapter in her life and career, what are your thoughts on her decision to relocate to Spain and her reduced screen time in Aquaman 2?