Anne Heche Once Warned Portia de Rossi About Dating Ellen DeGeneres

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Before her tragic death, Anne Heche and Heather Duffy had a podcast called “Better Together with Anne and Heather.” Although, Heche often ignored requests to talk about her former significant other, Ellen DeGeneres, on the podcast, she made an exception and talked about DeGeneres back in June 2021.

Heche started by saying that she does not follow pop culture. That means she’s often out of the loop on what celebrities are wearing, who they are dating and what they are doing. However, she shared that she loves going to an airport because she sees all of the magazine headlines about what celebrities are doing. Recently, she saw an article about her former significant other, DeGeneres, which mentioned that at the time, back in June 2021, DeGeneres was in Africa. This prompted Heche to delve into a conversation about DeGeneres.

First Heche responded by saying about DeGeneres, “Finally she’s enough away that I’m starting to be able to breath again.” She added, “I’m glad she’s in Africa.”

Then, Duffy explained that Heche was “blocked” from DeGeneres’s talk show. She explained that many celebrities would go on the show to promote a new movie or TV show, but Heche’s name wasn’t even allowed to be mentioned on the show never mind ever allowing her on as a guest. Heche believes that she missed out on roles because producers knew that if she was in the movie they wouldn’t be able to promote the movie on DeGeneres’s show.

Heche also explained that DeGeneres was not “kind.” She explained that DeGeneres was far from kind and that Heche was the kind one. She suggested that DeGeneres stole her kindness mantra and used it to promote her show.

Heche said, “I broke up with her because her goal was to have a lot of money and mine was to find love and hers was I want $60 billion.”

Referring to DeGeneres, Duffy responded, “She didn’t live in that loving kindness, did she?”

Then the conversation moved to DeGeneres’s current love interest, Portia de Rossi. Heche joked that DeGeneres only ever wanted money and drove Porsches and “she ends up marrying a person named Portia.”

Heche explained, “Portia even asked me about Ellen.” She said, “Portia came to my wedding because I was on ‘Ally McBeal’ with her. Portia even said, ‘I’m going to go after Ellen.'” Heche said that she told de Rossi, “Red flag. Red flag. Red flag.” She also told de Rossi that it wouldn’t be easy.

Obviously, de Rossi ignored Heche’s warnings about DeGeneres.

You can watch the full podcast in the video below. Beware that there is explicit language.