Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Grew Up And Looks Exactly Like Her Mother At Kentucky Derby

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Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, is now 17 years old. Reportedly, it’s a tradition of Dannielynn and her father Larry to attend the Kentucky Derby horse races together, and this year was not any different. However, this year, it was noticeable how much Dannielynn looks like her mother.

While Dannielynn and Larry often try to keep out of the spotlight, attending the Kentucky Derby is a tradition for the two of them, and this year was no exception. To mark the occasion, they shared a few pictures of themselves at the event on Instagram.

In one post, Larry and Dannielynn are ready to attend the Barnstable-Brown Gala. Larry posted several pictures and captioned the post, “On our way to Barnstable-Brown Gala for the kick-off of the @kentuckyderby weekend. Dannielynn is wearing her second @janetjackson outfit to the party that I got from Janet’s @juliens_auctions -charity auction.”

TMZ reports that the Janet Jackson outfit was sold from Juliens for $780. The black dress is described as “Gianfranco Ferre black dress that’s knee-length in the front and floor-length in the back and features zippers all around.”


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While the dress is notable, so is the similarity between the late Anna Nicole and her daughter, Dannielynn. Just look at the side-by-side comparison below.

Following the gala, Larry posted another series of photos, this time when father and daughter were ready to attend the Kentucky Derby. This time, Dannielynn is wearing a red dress that she told her father to describe as “inspired by her favorite character Hino Eiji, Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDor combo -she made me write that 😆 -because that character had the same shoulders as the design of the dress she found.”


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Dannielynn was only a baby when her mother died of an accidental drug overdose in a Florida hotel room.

Do you think Dannielynn looks a lot like her mother?