Amy Robach Opens Up About Losing Many Of Her “Worldly Possessions” Following Her Divorce

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In a recent revelation on the “Amy and T.J.” podcast, former “GMA3” co-anchor Amy Robach shared the challenges she faced after losing many of her “worldly possessions” following her divorce from Andrew Shue.

During the podcast episode where Robach and T.J. Holmes, her podcast partner, discussed their learnings from 2023, Robach dropped the bomb about parting ways with significant personal items. “You can lose your job, you can lose your reputation, you can lose friends and you can lose most of your worldly possessions and still be happy,” Robach said.

Holmes seemed surprised by this revelation, asking, “You lost most of your ‘worldly possessions’?” Robach explained the situation, stating that there was a considerable amount of selling and giving away involved, turning the process into what Holmes humorously called a “great yard sale.”


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In a potentially subtle dig at her ex-husband, Robach told Holmes, “You don’t really know someone until you divorce them.” This comment left Holmes slightly taken aback, responding with a simple, “Moving on.” It appears that the divorce has left its mark on Robach, and she’s openly acknowledging the transformative nature of such experiences.

Interestingly, the plot thickens as it’s revealed that Holmes and Marilee Fiebig, Andrew Shue’s ex-wife, have started dating each other. This unexpected turn of events comes after both Holmes and Robach went through their respective divorces, creating a unique connection between the two.

Page Six reported in early December that Fiebig and Shue had been dating for about six months, finding common ground over the shared experience of being cheated on by Holmes and Robach. Sources suggest that what initially started as a connection born out of mutual heartbreak has evolved into something deeper, transcending the initial affair.

While some may find this romantic entanglement surprising, sources claim that Fiebig and Shue have moved on from the hurt and are not dwelling on the past. According to insiders, the duo is not heartbroken or sad; instead, they have embraced the present and are focused on their newfound connection.

It’s worth noting that Fiebig and Shue weren’t particularly close before their divorces. Sources reveal that although they were work friends due to the connection between Holmes and Robach, their relationship didn’t extend beyond occasional hangouts. The unexpected romance between Fiebig and Shue has managed to stay under the radar, known only within a close inner circle.

Hear more about what Robach said in the podcast in the video below.