‘America’s Got Talent’ And ‘Ellen’ Fan Favorite Dies At 39

One day back in 2013, a young woman named Roslyn Singleton started noticing some unusual symptoms. She suffered from migraine headaches, experienced blurred vision, and when she would lay a certain way when she was sleeping, she felt like she could hear the ocean, kind of like when you hold a seashell up to your ear.

Roslyn brushed off the symptoms at first, but her father ended up telling her she should go to a doctor and have the symptoms checked out. That’s when she found out she had a rather scary diagnosis – stage 3 brain cancer. She was told that there was a tumor the size of an orange on her brain.

Thankfully, Roslyn was able to have surgery and get the tumor removed. She went into remission, and for years, the cancer didn’t come back.

Then, one day, six years later, during a routine doctor’s checkup to monitor her condition and make sure the cancer hadn’t come back, she found out that the cancer was indeed back. This time, the tumor was the size of a half dollar. Once again, Roslyn had surgery to remove the tumor.

Roslyn’s husband, Ray Singleton, made a video for his wife that he posted on social media. It chronicled her battle, and was so sweet, romantic and sentimental.

Ray made the video simply because he wanted to show it to his wife and see a smile on her face; however, the video ended up catching the attention of someone else, Ellen DeGeneres. Ray and Roslyn were both shocked when Ray got a phone call from Burbank, California. It was The Ellen Show inviting them to be guests on her show. They appeared on an episode that aired the day before Valentine’s Day back in 2020.

A year later, in 2021, Ray and Roselyn once again appeared on TV. This time, Ray was a contestant on season 16 of “America’s Got Talent.” Roselyn also appeared on the show.

Unfortunately, the news for Roselyn isn’t what the Singletons were hoping for. Once again, the cancer came back. Ray announced the sad news on Instagram, but he kept it positive, just like he and his wife did throughout the entire cancer ordeal. In the caption, he wrote, “Our wife earned her wings yesterday while peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be.” 

In the post, Ray admitted that the future will be “INCREDIBLY long & difficult,” but he emphasized, “She’s where we’re all trying to get one day so no need to be sad.”


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