American Airlines Is Cancelling Hundreds Of Flights Due To Staffing Shortages and Maintenance Issues


Last summer, like most summers, Americans planned on traveling. Many Americans already had travel plans when the pandemic hit in the spring and caused major changes, changes that kept everyone at home. The travel industry was hit very hard since travel was highly discouraged. Americans canceled their summer vacations and other travel plans. Airports were nearly empty.

This summer, things are quite different. After surviving a global pandemic and having the opportunity to get vaccinated, many people are ready to travel once again. Those vacations that didn’t happen last year are once again on the schedule for this year. Especially after a year where many people didn’t see their family and friends, traveling together is something a lot of people are really looking forward to.

If your summer travel plans involve flying on an airplane, beware that there’s a chance your flight could be canceled. American Airlines is already struggling to staff all of the flights that have been booked. Last year, the company furloughed many pilots and flight attendants. Now, they need those employees back in order to get travelers to their destination.

Watch the video below to learn what American Airlines has to say about why they are canceling flights and what might happen if your flight gets canceled.

This past Saturday, American Airlines canceled 120 flights. The airline expects to cancel approximately 50 to 80 flights every day through mid-July. Although the flight cancelations will be spread throughout their network, but the hardest hit hub will be Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW).

Do you have summer travel plans? Do your travel plans involve flying on an airplane? Does it surprise you that American Airlines plans to cancel so many flights? What would you do if you found out that your flight had been canceled? Does this news make you hesitant to book an American Airlines flight?