Alternate Uses for Nail Polish Remover

Unlike the name implies, nail polish remover can remove a lot more than nail polish. The chemicals in this solution are so strong that they can be used for some of the trickier jobs around the house. Before you call nail polish remover to your aid, however, just take a quick look at this disclaimer:

A disclaimer often accompanies advice on alternative uses for nail polish remover: Make sure you apply a small amount of the chemical using a clean cloth, cotton swab, or Q-tip, in an area with plenty of ventilation.

Here are some creative ideas from WalletPop for using nail polish remover at home:

  • Remove scuff marks from tile floors.
  • Dip old toothbrush into nail polish remover and scrub debris from your keyboard.
  • Unhinge super glue from your fingers.
  • Get rid of ink stains on skin

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