Alec Baldwin Pays Tribute To ‘Pal’ Anne Heche

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Anne Heche had many friends and co-workers throughout her life and her long acting career. Many people have shared touching tributes to the actress.

Actor AlecBaldwin first posted a tribute to Heche when he learned about the car accident involving Heche. She was speeding through the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles in her Mini Cooper before crashing into a woman’s home. Thankfully, the homeowner, who was home at the time, was not injured, and nobody else was injured; however, Heche was transported to the hospital and slipped into a coma. She was not able to survive.

In Baldwin’s first post, he talked about times he and Heche had worked together. He called her “an old pal.” He called her “brave” and “original” and sent her “love” as she was fighting for her life at the time.


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Meanwhile, Baldwin’s followers criticized him for posting a tribute to Heche when she was driving recklessly and could have taken someone’s life. For example, one person wrote, “Yes I hope she is okay but hey how about saying my thoughts are with those who were nearly killed also cmon Alec..”

Another comment reads, “Did you see how reckless she was driving and how she hit a building before she crashed? Did you see the RING doorbell footage? She is lucky she didn’t kill anyone.”

The negative comments did not stop Baldwin from posting another tribute when he learned about her death. This time he called out the naysayers saying that he was very aware that she could have taken someone else’s life, and he’s glad that she didn’t, but he still felt sad at her passing. He called Heche his “friend” and he was sad that she had died at a young age explaining that her death was “avoidable.” Baldwin told anyone watching his video that if they know someone is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, they should try to help them get help.

Baldwin also reminisced about the time he and Heche acted together in the show “Twentieth Century.” He recalled, “She could do anything.” He said, “She was very funny.”

He ended his post by saying, “I love you, Anne. I love you. You’re a very special comet shooting across the sky. And I do think about you now. So avoidable. So avoidable.”



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Do you think it was fair of Baldwin to receive so much criticism for his first tribute to Heche?