Alec Baldwin Indicted, Faces Up To 18 Months In Prison For Manslaughter Charges

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Remember that fatal shooting on the set of the movie “Rust” back in 2021? Actor Alec Baldwin was holding the gun, but he claims he was told it was “cold,” meaning that there weren’t any bullets in it. He also claims that he never pulled the trigger. Yet the gun fired a bullet and killed the cinematographer behind the camera, Halyna Hutchins.

More than two years later, this case isn’t over yet. On Friday, January 20, 2024, Baldwin was indicted for involuntary manslaughter. In response, Baldwin’s attorneys, Alex Spiro and Luke Nikas, stated, “We look forward to our day in court.” Depending on what happens in this case, Baldwin could face prison time.

Almost immediately, Baldwin’s legal team responded to the indictment. TMZ reports that his lawyers want to get the trial started as quickly as possible. They explain that a speedy trial will “minimize public vilification and suspicion.” In addition, Baldwin wants to “avoid the hazards of proving his innocence that often arise after a lengthy delay in prosecution.”

Baldwin isn’t the only one who could be held responsible for Hutchins’ death. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was the weapons supervisor on the set of “Rust,” is awaiting a trial scheduled for February. She faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering.

Then there’s the assistant director, Davids Halls. He reportedly told Baldwin that the gun was “cold.” He has pleaded no contest and was given six months probation. He has also agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

In addition to criminal charges, there have also been multiple civil trials as a result of the “Rust” shooting. For example, Hutchins’ parents and sister filed a civil case. The Hindustan Times reports that her family wants to know what really happened the day Hutchins’ died. Their lawyer, Gloria Allred, reacted to the news that Baldwin was indicted by saying that Hutchins’ family is looking forward to Baldwin’s trial.

Baldwin entered the not guilty plea in a court filing in late January, one day before a scheduled virtual court appearance, which will no longer take place. If he’s convicted, he could face up to 18 months in prison.