Alan Jackson Opens Up About A Disease He’s Been Battling For Over A Decade And That’s Been Getting Worse


As people get older, they sometimes battle diseases and disorders they didn’t have to worry about when they were younger. Sometimes these illnesses are life-threatening. Sometimes they are simply uncomfortable. Other times, they may not be life-threatening but they may impact the person’s ability to live life as freely as they once did.

Celebrities are not immune to diseases and illnesses, but they do not all have the same reaction to their diagnosis. Some celebrities go public with a diagnosis almost immediately, posting updates on social media and keeping their fans in the loop. Other celebrities try to keep their private lives private as much as possible and that includes not talking about health battles.

Country singer Alan Jackson has always kept his private life as private as possible. In a recent sit down interview with TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager, Jackson admitted that he doesn’t like the spotlight.

Jackson talked a little bit about his career, but he also admitted that he has kept a secret from his fans for about 10 years. Around 10 years ago he received a diagnosis that wasn’t all that surprising to him since it runs in his family, but he still didn’t want to share it with his fans. The diagnosis is not life-threatening, but it does impact his ability to perform.

Jackson explained that he plans to continue to tour and perform as long as he possibly can, hopefully until the day he dies, but he felt it was time to explain to the world what is really going on before anyone wondered.

Watch Jackson’s interview below to learn about his diagnosis and how it is impacting his life.

Does it surprise you that Jackson would keep his diagnosis from his fans for so long? Do you think he will be able to keep performing for years to come?