Airline Employee “Makes A Scene” After Learning Deceased Veteran Is On The Plane

Julia Jette via Facebook

Boarding an airplane is usually done without much fanfare. You simply arrive at the airport early, check any large bags, go through security and wait at the gate. When it’s time to board the plane, an announcement will be made and the passengers will board in a fairly orderly manner, finding their seats and storing their carryon items.

Sometimes boarding a plane is done with fanfare. Such was the case at Anchorage International Airport when Alaska Airlines employee Denise Snow found out there was a special passenger that would be on the plane. She was notified that one of the passengers was carrying the ashes of a military veteran who had died.

When Snow found out about this special passenger, she made an announcement in the airport. Julie Jette was one of the passengers waiting in the airport for a flight to Settle. She was tired, and was half asleep when she heard the announcement. At first, she thought it was the announcement to board the plane, but it wasn’t.

Snow told the passengers about the solider’s ashes and said that she wanted to sing a song in his honor. Jette said, “Everyone as far as I could see stood in respect and were silent as she sang.” She later posted a video of Snow singing on Facebook and wrote that it was “a moving experience,” and then she complimented Snow on her “amazing voice.”

Snow sang the national anthem, and there was a round of applause when she was done. Watch this moving tribute to a fallen soldier for yourself in the video below.

This was far from the first time Snow has sung at the airport. Marilyn Romano is the  regional vice-president for Alaska Airlines, and the explained, “Denise uses her gift of a beautiful voice to honor those that have served our country, some making the ultimate sacrifice. I do not believe she has missed an Honor Flight departure, at times coming in dressed in her uniform on her day off.” She added, “To watch a 90-year old World War II veteran stand at attention from his wheelchair while Denise sings is something you never forget.”

Snow has been passionate about singing ever since she was 3 years old and sang with her church at their prison ministry. Now, she loves singing to honor soldiers. She said, “I always pray that my singing will bring joy to the hearts of those listening and soothe away their pain.” She added, “I love to honor those who fought so hard for America and my freedom with my voice and let them know I appreciate what they did for this country. “